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Hospital Grade Power Cord

Hospital Grade Power Cord

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Hospital Grade Power Cord 

10 feet long

Hospital grade power cords are designed to be used in medical facilities and are required to meet certain standards for safety and reliability. They are typically more durable and of a higher quality than regular power cords. Some of the specific benefits of hospital grade power cords include:

  • They are designed to be more resistant to wear and tear, which is important in a busy hospital setting where cords may be constantly plugged in and unplugged.

  • They are required to have a grounding pin that is longer than those on regular power cords, which helps to ensure a proper connection to the outlet and reduce the risk of electrical accidents.

  • They are required to have a more secure connection between the cord and the plug, which helps to prevent the cord from becoming loose or disconnected.

  • They are required to have special markings on the cord and plug to indicate that they meet the hospital grade standards, which makes it easier for hospital staff to identify them.
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